Monetize Your Blog - What Are AdSense Alternatives?

Residual Online Income - Have you ever wonder what are the alternatives to Google AdSense? That is, besides Google AdSense, what else? Most people earn their online residual income by inserting Google AdSense ads in their websites and blogs. However, are there any other alternatives to monetize your blogs or sites besides Google AdSense?
By the way, what is online residual income?
Residual online income which is also called passive or recurring online income is actually online income which is generated numerous times continuously from mostly a one-time effort.
The fastest way to earning an online residual income on your website is to find products, memberships, or services which pays you recurring commissions.
One of the great ways to create an online residual income is to have a blog and monetize it. There are many popular ways to monetize your blog. The most popular way bloggers earn their residual income is by the contextual ad program from Google called AdSense.
But what if you are those people who do not like Google AdSense or are uncomfortable with AdSense? If this so, what else besides AdSense? Any alternatives?
Below are some of other great alternative ways to monetize your blogs besides Google AdSense :
- WidgetBucks

- Chitika's eMiniMalls

- Tribal Fusion

- Azoogle Ads

- Adbrite

- AdHearUs

- Kanoodle

- Clicksor

- BidVertiser

- FastClick

- ValueClickMedia
Also, some affiliate programs which you may want to try :
- ClickBank - Commission Junction - LinkShare - Amazon
In conclusion, if you are not comfortable with Google AdSense, you can try the above alternatives. After all, in any online home business, you need always to be creative. So, it's always great to have a creative mind. Remember, creativity is your birthright, so it makes sense to be creative in your online home business to create a successful online business that you desire.

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