Top 10 Tree Houses

Tree houses are buildings that are constructed among the branches or next to the trunk of more then one mature trees, and these tree houses are raised above the ground level. Today i am giving you some of the best tree houses. In this post you will see the 10 of the most amazing tree houses ever built.

10.Peter Frazier’s Treetop Office

If you really want to escape the rat race, here is the office for you.

9. TreeHouse Workshop

8. This amazing treehouse  was designed by Takashi Kobayashi, one of japan’s leading tree house creators.

7.Free Spirit Spheres Treehouses

6.Baumraum Treehouses

When it comes to modern treehouses, there is no name more respected than Baumraum.  Baumraum Treehouses span a wide range of styles and designs, but the one shown here is amongst their most progressive


Sybarite is one of the most exciting architectural practices in London.

4.Harad’s Reflective Tree Hotel

3. 4TreeHouse

 The 4TreeHouse was designed by Lukasz Kos a masters student at the University of Toronto’s School of Architecture & Design.

2.Yellow Treehouse Restaurant

1.02 Sustainability Treehouse

The original O2 Sustainability Tree house is 13 feet wide, interiors and sizes can be customized according to customer specifications.

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