10 steps for picking Internet Business Keywords For Top AdSense Online Income

When the target is to select top paying keywords the CPC is the first thing: the higher CPC, the more you will earn with the AdSense ads.
CPC ( cost per click ) is the maximum an advertiser is willing to pay for one click, but CPC is only one factor in the formula and many others are as important ones.
1.CPC Considerations.
If there are zero bidders on the keyword of high CPC, it means no one is bidding your internet home based business opportunity keyword.
If Google gets lots of traffic on your internet home business keyword, which satisfies the needs of high bidding advertisers, Google will throw the remaining peanuts to you.
2.Number Of Internet Business Advertisers Is The Most Important Figure.
I have found out that the top paying keywords are very often low demand keywords and this means that your internet business opportunity gets zero clicks with these keywords.
What shall Google do in this case? It directs the related keyword ads to your internet home based business site and you have no idea of CPC nor the conversion rate. In this case your online income opportunity is fully open.
This is the reason to look the number of advertisers, bidders, of the internet home business keywords, which you will select.
A big number of bidders means the higher competition to get the top position, which means better chances for your internet business opportunity to earn with AdSense.
4.The Internet Home Based Business Keyword Must Have Lots Of Estimated Clicks.
We have to avoid keywords with low number of estimated bidders and clicks for the # 1 position on the Google result page.
If the number of clicks per month is lower than expected but the number of bidders is high, that`s the right keyword for your internet home business opportunity.
These keywords are called niche keywords and Google cannot send traffic for these ads, so it will share high paying ads for your internet home business site.
5. AdWords Ads Are Sold By The Real Time Auction.
Let`s take an example and suppose there are 350 bidders for the keyword internet business. The top 15 are bidding $ 12 per click and the rest 335 between 0.06 and 1.50.
Now if you research only the top 5 bids, that is not enough. You have a high possibility to get the ads from those 335 bidders and you know the result for the online income of your internet business opportunity!
6.Select Niche Keywords.
These are ideal for the internet home based business because they are highly searched but rarely used by the competitors. It is better to target some internet business niche keywords than to highly competitive ones.
Traffic from these niche keywords when directed to a relevant page increases your conversion rate.
7.Who Are The Competitors Of Your Internet Home Business Opportunity?
If you type your internet home business keyword into Google and research the result page, you will get the number of this keyword on all pages of that result, but they all are not your competitors.
The search engine result pages get irrelevant after 10 - 15 pages. Irrelevancy further increases the more deeper you go. The pages that use keyword spamming are not competing against you, but against search engines to get high ranking and traffic.
8.The Exact Number Of Competing Pages.
In Google you can easily find out the pages, which compete with the same keyword by checking if they use the internet business opportunity keyword in the title and as an anchor texts linking to them.
Make a query as follows: intitle:keyword inanchor:keyword. As an example, if the keyword is internet business, write it as follows: intitle:internet inanchor:internet intitle:business inanchor:business.
The result gives you an exact number of pages that are actually targeting with these two keywords, and not those that have just created a page or a small piece of copy on the same topic. Google favors anchors and page titles. That's the reason, it supports such a search query.
If you pick the keyword for your internet business opportunity, which has high number of estimated searches compared the number of actual competitors, the results will be good.
9.Your Internet Home Business Opportunity Keyword`s Traffic Estimate.
The traffic estimate is very important, when you ponder, around which keyword your AdSense page will be optimized. So which tool is the most effective?
There are two good traffic estimators: Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool and WordTracker.
Thinking about AdSense online income, Overture gives a more accurate stats, because Overture is PPC engine and WordTracker monitors queries from meta search engines, which is good information for niche building.
10.A Summary For The Reader.
The profitability of the internet home busines keyword depends more on the number of bidders than CPC.
The number of clicks and the bidding quality must be calculated as an average of all bidders, who bid that particular keyword.

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