The Secrets of AdSense Placement

After you have made the initial decision to utilize the AdSense program, probably the second most important decision that you should make is in regard to where you will place the ad units in your website or blog.
Proper advertisements placement is the key to being successful, with AdSense program. It should be obvious that if no one clicks on your advertisement, no revenue will be generated. That is what you do not want it to happen.
As a rule, Webmasters who see the highest return from their advertisements are those who have chosen to blend Adsense units into their content and web pages.
It has been suggested that by matching the background and border colors of your advertisement units to the actual background color of your page, can increase tremendously your revenue. This is extremely true especially with no border.
Moving in the opposite direction, some Webmasters have realized AdSense success when placing white space around their advertisement units. Obviously, this will make your ads stand out from the rest of the page.
Google has conducted research showing that, in most cases, the best location to place an ad unit is somewhat in the middle of the page, directly under your navigation bar and directly above your main content. Other prime locations include the top left of your left sidebar and directly above your footer, at the bottom of the page.
When someone visits your web page, their eyes usually begin in the top left corner or the middle of the top of the page, eventually moving on to the middle of the browser window.
Some Webmasters have indicated that they get the best CTR (click-through-rate) results when they place an advertisement unit somewhere in the proximity of their login box. Should your site offer a member login of some type, you may want to consider this placement method.
Another suggestion is to use just one size of ad unit, which has proven to be successful for a large number of Webmasters. If you use the large rectangular ad unit, the actual ads look more like the links in which most individuals are used to click on.

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